Each year at Grace Family Church we take part in the Buckets of Hope initiative. Members of the church buy buckets then fill them with groceries for missions partners to distribute. In these buckets are bags of maize, harvested and milled by those who have come through Farming God's Way training - at the mill that Grace Family Church have generously been able to support.

This year the opportunity was given to screen print the Grace logo on a drawstring bag which would then hold the bags of maize. Men and women were identified to sew and print these bags - learning a new skill and earning an income.

The sewers and printers were given this opportunity to come in for paid contract work to make these items; while honing their new skills. It was incredible to to see their progress and we want to acknowledge our partners in this, The Wellness Centre Trust and Salt & Light Crafts.

These bags have blessed many families before they have even landed in the buckets, to go out and bless other families.

how a t-shirt lead to learning

In August 2019 we hosted a graduation for our skills course delegates, where men and women graduated from their training in crochet and domestic sewing skills. From there our missions team identified three of the top students to further their skills on industrial machines, in partnership with Salt & Light Crafts.

This was an opportunity not to be missed and the three week training gave each participant an opportunity to learn about product development, a diverse option of patterns and mass production for the retail market.

While this was happening, back at Grace a conversation was underway for an opportunity to source our new order of volunteer shirts from this group in training. The go-ahead was given and before we knew it 335 printed and labeled t-shirts were delivered to Grace Family Church campuses for new volunteers joining the teams.

We couldn't be more proud of the craftwork on these shirts, the story that they tell, and the opportunity given to the men and women developing their craft in sewing skills.

Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity possible. This is a story to celebrate in joining God's mission to heal the world.



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