Grace Aid Skills Development Programmes

As an NPO, Grace Aid offers skills development programmes, for unemployed and disadvantaged individuals. These take place at various Grace Family Church campuses, around greater Durban.
We have established a comprehensive development cycle designed, to foster growth & positively impact the participants lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and ultimately economically – resulting in a sustainable life change. 

Our Process includes:
- Registration  
- Lifeskill's Programme
- Skills Training  (Sewing/ Crochet/ English)
- Job Readiness, interviews & CV's


Development is not just about working with people's hands, but also with their hearts and minds; this holistic approach begins with our Bible-based Life Skills programme.

This three-day training includes topics like self-worth, purpose, decision-making and relationships; specifically designed to address the poverty mind-set. A basic literacy and numeracy assessment is done, using the ELSA model, which grades each participant based on the NQF level system.

This provides a starting point and assists us to identify which skill would be most suitable.

T-yarn Crochet Skills

This program takes the age-old craft of crochet and gives it a modern twist, by using T-shirt yarn, to make innovative products.

T-Yarn is essentially a by-product of the fashion industry and is sourced in a range of vibrant colours, to be crafted into a host of unique products. Including handbags, mats, baskets, toys, shoes, scarves, hats and more;  creating an up-cycled, locally made product which is uniquely designed.

Crochet hook and T-yarn are provided for the 4 sessions, which take place weekly; with certificates of completion being awarded at graduation. 

Basic Sewing Skills

On arrival participants are given a sewing kit with all their essentials and assigned a domestic sewing machine for the duration of the training. The content is designed to be hands-on ensuring that participants leave with the practical ability and knowledge to operate the machine and make a range of saleable items. These include linen, pillow cases, quilted hand bags, toys, basic alterations & some clothing. Fabric, trims and all the necessary materials are provided. This is a 10-week program, with 1 session per week, which culminates in the graduation, where certificates of completion are awarded. Outstanding candidates are awarded sewing machines and further training opportunities.



The content of the English programmes focuses on basic grammar, comprehension and conversational skills. Highlighting the importance of increasing vocabulary and building confidence in participants' ability to communicate. 

This takes place over ten weeks, one session per week and all materials are provided. Certificates of attendance are presented at graduation.

Job Readiness course 

As participants progressed through the development cycle, we identified the need to assist them with presenting themselves professionally, both on paper and in person.

This two-day programme enhances understanding of work place etiquette, including the importance of being punctual, presentable, body language, ethics and attitude.  All notes are provided however this is designed to be practical and participatory. Providing tips for job seekers and insights for entrepreneurs wanting to employ others. CV's are complied one-on-one and mock interviews conducted to build their confidence. 

To ensure that they are able to go digital in their job search,  gmail accounts are created as well.  CV's are loaded onto our database, for future work opportunities. Should you like to consider our candidates, please contact us.