The business training offered by Grace Aid, uses the 'Paradigm Shift' content and model, to equip entrepreneurs with long-term solutions to poverty. The program tackles both spiritual and physical aspects of poverty through business training, discipleship, life-coaching and mentorship. Grace Aid trains micro-entrepreneurs [who earn less than R150 ($10)  p/day in their business] through the 1 day Business Experience course (BEC) and the 18-week (Module 1 & Module 2 ) programmes. The content is designed to be highly participatory, engaging and result driven. Participants are given assignments to encourage them to practically apply what they have learnt each week. The mentorship aspect provides valuable insight, guidance and growth.


On average, each entrepreneur increased their business income by 45%. This not only benefits them, but each entrepreneur supports an average of four dependents, including siblings, elderly and orphaned children.